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Story Collection

B.ISA works with ambassadors within African countries to collect stories from communities. By actively involving community members, B.ISA ensures that the stories shared are authentic and representative of their experiences.

Amplification on Multiple Platforms

The collected stories are shared on various platforms such as YouTube, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and the B.ISA website. This multi-platform approach enables wider reach and engagement with diverse audiences.

Youth Empowerment

B.ISA partners with local and international organizations to host workshops, capacity-building training, and competitions within communities. By empowering youth, B.ISA encourages them to become storytelling ambassadors inand promote indigenous stories from their communities

Webinars and Events

B.ISA organizes webinars and events where individuals and communities can learn and connect. These platforms facilitate knowledge sharing, discussions, and networking opportunities to further enhance storytelling skills and community engagement

Inspiring Projects

B.ISA actively participates in inspiring projects within communities. By collaborating with local stakeholders, B.ISA brings storytelling to life through hands-on initiatives that address community challenges, promote positive narratives, and create real-world impact

Community Engagement

B.ISA establishes strong connections with communities, amplifies their voices, and facilitates the sharing of inspiring stories. By engaging with communities directly and offering various opportunities for participation, B.ISA promotes inclusivity, diversity, and local empowerment.


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Become an Ambassador

Are you interested in storytelling and would like to contribute to factual stories shared about your country to the world? Then apply to become an Ambassadorat B. Inspired with Stories from Africa (B.ISA) in your country!

Being a B.ISA Ambassador means being part of an international network. Your role and contributions as an Ambassador are key factors to B.ISA’s growing success. You will become the main contact point for B.ISA within your country, and together we work on building a diverse and inclusive network. For more information on how to become an ambassador, contact us via email at

binspiredafrica@gmail.comJoin Now



At B.ISA, we believe that stories are gold, they are the gateway to connecting with people and a universal language. Leveraging on the Sustainable Developmental Goals 4, 10, 11 and 17, we are using the power of storytelling to create a positive impact in Africa.

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